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Training & Education for GPs

For NHS professionals and employers looking for more information on training and education for GPs.

GPs employed across the east of England looking for training and education can gain support through the School of General Practice. The GP School has a website which provides information for trainees, educators and all other colleagues interested in primary care education.

The GP School has an extensive network of primary care educators supporting education at all career stages; they work with GP practices, Trusts and Universities throughout the East of England. 

Start a Career as a GP

For those considering a career in general practice the National Recruitment Office provides excellent careers advice, covering the qualities and skills needed to become a GP in the 21st century.

There's nothing general about general practice

HEE launched the 'Nothing General' campaign in 2016 promoting careers in general practice, including a series of promotional videos. For more information about this campaign and why a career in general practice has so much to offer please visit the GP Recruitment site.

Already on the GP career path?

There are various opportunities to further development and experience during GP training. These opportunities include,

Global Health Fellowships
ST4 Commissioning Fellowships
Preparation for Special Training - PST (GP)
• Become a School Board Representative
• Join the GP School Celebrating Success Open Day

Support for Qualified GPs

If you are already a qualified GP then visit our Career Support pages for more information.

GP Trainees

Visit our local site for more information on training locations, curriculum and certification.

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GP Educators

If you're a GP wanting to support learners visit our local site for information on becoming a GP Educator.

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GP Placements

The GP School provides comprehensive information on placement zones and locations across the east of England.

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