Dental Board

The Dental Board (DB) is one of six professional boards of Health Education England (HEE), responsible for dental education and training. View their board meeting dates and minutes.

The DB is responsible for the training and education of both dentists and dental care professionals (DCPs). There are six classes of DCP: dental therapists, dental hygienists, dental technicians, clinical dental technicians, orthodontic therapists and dental nurses.

The DB’s functions include:

  • strategic planning of the number of training places required for dentists and DCPs to meet the needs of the population for dental treatment and support in maintaining good oral health
  • encouraging the growth of skill mix through delegation from dentists to DCPs to achieve more efficient, higher quality dental care
  • ensuring training is supported by capacity in the service to deliver training to a high standard
  • providing for the needs of patients and the wider population to be  taken into account in the development of dental training
  • supervision of recruitment process for dental foundation training and training of specialists in the 13 dental specialties
  • ensuring that the needs of academic dentistry are recognised in order to promote the excellence of dental  care
  • monitoring progress and risks to delivery are reviewed regularly and managed within acceptable levels
  • undertaking any other duties as delegated by the HEE Board.


Dental Board publications

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