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We are the NHS engine that will deliver a better health and healthcare workforce for England. We are responsible for the education, training and personal development of every member of staff, and recruiting for values. We are England’s health and healthcare people service.

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HEE delivering for the NHS: more nurses now and more nurses in the future

Health Education England (HEE), in its workforce plan published yesterday, outlines how we are delivering on the priorities of patients and providers of NHS services by increasing nurses available now and investing even more in nurses of the future. The Workforce Plan increases adult nurse training numbers by 1,649 per year to 13,748 – forecast […]

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The priorities of the NHS met in second annual Workforce Plan for England

Today we publish our second Workforce Plan for England, which sets out the £5bn investment we will make in education and training programmes for 2015/16. It is built upon the needs of local employers, commissioners and other stakeholders who, as members of our Local Education Training Boards (LETBs), have shaped the thirteen local plans that […]

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Health Education England welcomes the publication of Selecting for Excellence

Health Education England has been pleased to be part of the Selecting for Excellence project which has just released its final project report. Half of UK secondary schools and colleges did not provide a single applicant to medicine in recent years. The Selecting for Excellence project which was led by the Medical Schools Council was […]

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